DIY Roof Replacement vs. Professional Roof Replacement

Roofing contractor applying shingles to replaecement

When it comes time, you feel your roof needs replacement, you may be looking to save money by doing it yourself. Taking on this task can be dangerous. The height, lack of something to grab on to if you may slip on a lose shingle or weak area in the deck of the roof and you could fall through. Also, there is the Texas sun, I myself was a foreman on a roofing crew and I was gone from the job one day and a rookie, young college student decided he would feel better and took his shirt off while working. The next day he called me to say he doesn’t think he was well enough to work so I told him I wanted to see his back so I could assess if he needed more medical treatment then he was doing himself. When he showed up at the job site, I asked him to take off his shirt and I had not seen anything like this before his entire back was a 2-3-inch-thick blister with fluid. Of course, I rushed him to a hospital and stayed by his side the entire day. So, you see there is many things to consider when thinking about doing the job yourself. So, keep in mind possible deck decay, storm damage and weather conditions. Yes, your correct the roof of your home needs replacement or repair, but is it really a job for you’re the homeowner or should you seek the help of a roofing professional?

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Thinking of Hiring a Professional?

When hiring a professional roofing company, you are assuring yourself that the job will be completed correctly. Professional roofing companies have access to manufactures of all roofing materials, this gives the professional roofing, companies and their customers through them many flexible choices. Another benefit to hiring a professional is that they can tell you if you need any further upgrades to meet current building standards. Also, the pro can recognize. And lastly when dealing with a professional they will give you all your choices answer all your questions and present you a full and accurate cost quote including labor.

A great benefit to having a professional roofing company is they can purchase all materials from manufacture Most of these warranties only go into effect if installed by a professional.

Another great thing about hiring a professional roofing company to fix or replace your roof is that you will not have to put yourself in danger, you must be physically fit in order to work on a roof yourself.

Doing it Yourself

Replacing or fixing your roof yourself comes with some Pros and cons along the way. First, as we have covered in this article above you should be in good shape physically, walking around on a roof for many hours can be exhausting. One pro of course is you save money, but do you really save that much? Please consider all aspects of DIY (do it yourself) when roofing, mostly roofing on the easiest of jobs is a two man project right from the start after tearing off all old shingles and tar paper, you have to re-apply 90lbs felt tar paper across the entire roof and tack down with slap staplers and metal tabs. Having to layer along straight lines repeatedly. If your DIY the time it will take to complete maybe longer then you had hoped and in Texas that can mean dealing with the sun and heat which can be brutal and dangerous. So please think through all these issues before finally deciding how you should proceed.