Roof Repair, maintenance & Replacement in San Antonio, Texas

Your home may be fairly new, but it still needs smart maintenance and repairs periodically. Having a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof can give you a good idea of its current condition. With a good annual inspection, maintenance costs can be kept low and keep surprising issues away. This also will allow you the option to handle issues as they come up, and keep them from becoming major problems. In many ways your home’s roof is the one thing that protects the rest of the house, so ask for detailed information from your roofing contractor. We at CASA ROOFING say there are no wrong questions and welcome them. We want to work to earn your trust.

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    Our Annual Inspection process

    • Full roof walk
    • Examination of shingles, metal or tile.
    • Determine if proper install
    • Check sealant on any penetration and vents- (main leak point)
    • Check valley underlayment and condition- (main leak point)
    • Check all flashing and drip edge
    • Written report on findings for insurance or homeowners

    Only $99.99 per year.

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